30 Jun 2017
Head Shaving

IT4CC rallies to “find my cure”

Thanks to a remarkable group of supporters in the Information Technology sector, over $108,000 was raised at this year’s annual IT4ChildhoodCancer (IT4CC) head shaving event in support of children and their families living with childhood cancer!

Since the first IT4CC event in 2011, over 475 shavees, hundreds of volunteers, and thousands of donors have raised an astonishing $774,000 for childhood cancer research. Thanks to their incredible fundraising efforts, children are one step closer to receiving better, gentler cancer treatments.


30 Jun 2017
Mom Squad 2017

Mom Squad wants to hit cancer where it hurts

“It wasn’t until Ivy was diagnosed that we realized how severely underfunded childhood cancer is. I think it’s a topic most people don’t want to talk about, which can be very isolating for families.”

— Melissa McCoy, member of the Mom Squad

Despite the incredible medical advancements made over the last 40 years in treating childhood cancers, the odds can feel overwhelming. One in five kids still do not survive their diagnosis. Two out of three survivors will live with long-term physical and cognitive side effects from harsh treatments.

So on June 27, 2017, four moms fought back.


26 Jun 2017

Mom Squad Bio – Kristal and Aiden

Meet Kristal and Aiden, our Mom Squad Kid Ambassador.

Kristal is the mum of 6 children, with her oldest son Aiden diagnosed with a soft tissue tumor in his prostate at 10 weeks old. His tumor was successfully removed, but after 6 months in remission he relapsed in the winter of 2009. Aiden went through chemo, radiation and surgery, which put him in remission, and now 8 years later has remained in remission.


23 Jun 2017
Erin and Both Sons Edit

Mom Squad Bio – Erin

Erin is the mother of two boys, with her 5 year-old Roane currently battling ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia). Erin’s story is a little different from the other mom’s, as she herself is a survivor of ALL. She battled her cancer from 1995-1998 at age 13. She lives with multiple late effects from her own treatment 20+ years ago, and is committed to helping find treatments for kids that do not leave them with as many lasting health effects.


22 Jun 2017
Melissa and Ivy wp

Mom Squad Bio – Melissa

Melissa is mother of 3 year old Ivy, who is currently battling Leukemia, and she has shared the following to explain a bit of her families’ story, as well as why she is participating in the shave:


21 Jun 2017

Mom Squad Bio – Kathleen

Kathleen is the mum of four children, with her youngest two being 5-year-old twins. One of the twins, Adrienne, is currently battling ALL. (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia)  Adrienne has down syndrome adding additional complications to her treatment process. In the last year, they have had an additional 120 days in the hospital, all of which were related to complications.

The following is from Kathleen, and explains why she has chosen to take part in the Mom Squad Head Shave:


25 May 2017

CCC Email and Phones Down

CCC does not have email or phone access due to an Internet outage. Property management is working to restore service to the building.

We hope this will be resolved soon

Should you need to get in touch, please email and we will respond as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience.

UPDATE: Service has been restored!

15 Feb 2017

International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day


February 15th is International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day. Childhood cancer is the leading disease-related cause of death for children in Canada, yet only 4% of cancer research funding is dedicated towards children’s cancers. (more…)

15 Feb 2017

Staff working offsite due to fire

Childhood Cancer Canada’s offices are closed today due to a six-alarm fire in a neighbouring building. We are working offsite, however, and can be reached at info@childhoodcancer.ca.

For any inquiries or interviews regarding Childhood Cancer Awareness Day, please contact Natasha Bowes, National Program Manager, at natasha@childhoodcancer.ca.

A heartfelt thank you to the firefighters, police officers, and first responders for keeping everyone safe. You’re all heroes.