Recipient Testimonials



"This scholarship truly means the world to me because it is allowing me to become one step closer to the biggest dream in my life...becoming a pediatric nurse. Thank you so much!"

Amanda Miller - Nanaimo, BC
Rhabdomyosarcoma survivor


" With such a terrble disease and it being such a huge suprise, I was thankful for the positive support around me to help me get through it. This scholarship will help me with my next big challenge, university. Thank you Childhood Cancer Foundation for being part of my support structure!"

Brett McKenzie -
Sydney, NS
Ewing's sarcoma survivor


"I have learned alot through cancer, but it was a frightening, exhausting, lifelong disease that I could have went without. I have survived the battle in order to live a better life, learn harder and love stronger; because you only have one life and one chance to do it right. Thank you Childhood Cancer Foundation for your support as we venture into this journey together."

Christina Marchand - Bottwell, ON
Papillary thyroid carcinoma survivor


"Cancer has taught me many things; to be humble, appreciative, strong, courageous, supportive, that no success is too small to celebrate and most importantly, it taught me how much a smile can brighten someone's day. Acheivement is measured in the eyes of the beholder; cancer was not the end of my life, it was the beginning!"

Michael Rosenberg - Thornhill, ON
Hodgkin's lymphoma survivor

More Testimonials

"Cancer is not something that I am fighting alone and I am grateful to live in a society that takes care of me.  I would like to do the same, give something back". Gilbert C., Montreal, QC.  Diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease, stage 1Va in 2004.  Studying applied microbiology.

"My experience in the hospital helped solidify my future plans; I knew I wanted to become a doctor and help others as I had been helped". Ryan M., Edmonton, Alberta. Diagnosed with Philadelphia positive acute lymphoblastic leukemia in 2002.  Enrolled in Bachelor of Sciences program.

"I would like to prove to patients that there is life after a brain tumour and stroke since I am living proof of that". Stephanie B., Drayton Valley, AB.   Diagnosed with malignant brain tumour in 2002. Enrolled in disability studies.

“My greatest inspiration for wanting to enter the medical field is that after having my life so graciously saved by many doctors, surgeons and nurses, I feel that I need to return the favour in some form or another.” Jennifer Zuccaro, Woodbridge, ON / Type of Cancer: Wilms Tumor / Studies: Life Science, University of Toronto

“…I am so thankful that I have been given the chance to go so far in life. I have been extremely fortunate in my health, and I feel blessed each day.” Cameron Nichol, Surrey, BC / Type of Cancer: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia / Studies: Accounting, Kwantlen College

“Having had cancer as a kid, I have always wanted to be able to help those who are going through the same thing I went through. A career in radiation therapy seems to be just the right thing for me. Receiving this scholarship has made it possible for me to start my education to be able to help these people.” Allison Muller, Thunder Bay, ON / Type of Cancer: Lymphoblastic Leukemia / Studies: General Science, Lakehead University

“I believe when life throws you a curveball, you should throw it right back.” Courtney Murdock, Oromocto, NB / Type of Cancer: Retinoblastoma / Studies: Arts, St. Thomas University

“My goal to be a primary teacher is fueled by a need to give back and above all, a desire to help any child become the best that they can be. Everyone deserves a chance to catch their dreams and I’d like the opportunity to start them on that journey some day.” Dana Luffman, Napanee, ON / Type of Cancer: Rhabdomyosarcoma (pharnyngeal) / Studies: Concurrent Education, Nipissing University

“Cancer has been both my devil and my blessing but I am today, Michelle Zalmanowitz, a Cancer Champion and a future for kids everywhere!” Michelle Zalmanowitz, Calgary, AB / Type of Cancer: A.L.L. Type T-cell / Studies: Philosophy, University of Lethbridge

“…It is absolutely critical for me to contribute in life as best I can and try to give something back.” Joel Buffman, Ottawa, ON / Type of Cancer: Osteogenic Sarcoma / Studies: Biology, Carleton University

"I have a strong passion for helping others in whatever way possible and I see my career choice as a way to give to others what has been given to me: a second chance.” David Perecko, Haliburton, ON / Type of Cancer: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia / Studies: Life Science, McMaster University

“I believe that it has been my experiences with hospitals and their staff that have drawn me to this profession, and it makes me very excited for the future.” Jordan M. Lavigne, Milton, ON / Type of Cancer: Mucoepidermoid Carcinoma / Studies: Kinesiology, Brock University

“…this is not about me but it is about people uniting together, allowing their voices to be heard, and doing this thing called “life” together.” Tim Harriman, Airdrie, AB / Type of Cancer: Leukemia (ALL) / Studies: Access, AUC-NUC

“Cancer is a great teacher, the best I’ve had. Without it, I would not have the caring and understanding that has become such an important part of my life.” Erin Bodyk, Paris, ON / Type of Cancer: Hodgkin’s Lymphoma / Studies: Concurrent Education, Laurier Brantford

“…I distinctly remember one nurse among many. I consider her to be my first mentor inspiring my career choice.” Brenda Varnam, Banff, AB / Type of Cancer: Follicular Thyroid / Studies: Bachelor of Nursing, Mount Royal College

“I have experienced first hand traveling with a disability; I want to make a difference in the lives of disabled travelers, making their experience as enjoyable as possible.” Paige Thompson, St. Thomas, ON / Type of Cancer: Retinoblastoma / Studies: Travel & Tourism, Fanshawe College

“Having gone through what I did has taught me to appreciate everything I have in my life, which motivates me to work hard towards my goals.” Courtney Campbell, Red Deer, Alberta / Type of Cancer: Leukemia (ALL) / Studies: Psychology, University of Calgary

“As a childhood cancer survivor, I feel compelled to share my experiences and give back to others who must face the same adversity in their lives.” Stephanie Greene, Burnaby, BC / Type of Cancer: Hodgkin’s Disease 2A / Studies: Marketing and Management, British Columbia Institute of Technology

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