Canadian Charities Partner to Fund a Significant Research Grant for Children with Rare Brain Cancers


December 14, 2022 (TORONTO, ON) – The Defeating Embryonal Cancer in Young People Together (DECRYPT) Research Grant is intended to challenge the current childhood embryonal cancer landscape by providing funding for a research project that will address an unmet need for these pediatric brain cancers.  The DECRYPT grant is designed to fund research that will ideally lead to a significant change in the understanding, diagnosis, and/or treatment of childhood embryonal brain tumours.
The DECRYPT Research Grant is funded by Kindred Foundation, Cancer Research Society (CRS), Phoebe Rose Rocks Foundation, Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada, The Miracle Marnie Foundation, Childhood Cancer Canada, and Tali’s Fund.  This collaboration is built on the shared values and goals of our seven organizations – to make significant change for children with embryonal brain tumours by investing in clinical research.  We are encouraged by this partnership and the possibility it brings to ultimately benefit children with these rare and devastating brain cancers.  This unique and collaborative opportunity is made possible through the financial support we receive from our Childhood Cancer Canada donor community.   We look forward to seeing this award progress and keeping you updated along the way.
The DECRYPT Research Grant provides a significant investment of $600,000 CAD for one 4-year research project.  The grant competition will open in early 2023.  The DECRYPT Research Grant aims to directly and positively impact children facing these devastating cancers.

Kindred Foundation:
Kindred Foundation is dedicated to funding programs, projects, and research in the areas of childhood cancer, youth mental and physical health, and community support.  Their vision is to boldly advance cures, treatments, and supports for children, adolescents, and young adults experiencing health and life challenges in our communities.  To ensure sustainable giving, Kindred Foundation is built on a solid financial endowment model with 100% of receipted donations directed towards the charitable purpose.
The Cancer Research Society:
Founded in 1945, the Cancer Research Society (CRS) is one of the only Canadian organizations exclusively dedicated to research into all types of cancer. Since its inception, the CRS has supported thousands of researchers who have made significant advances in cancer prevention, detection and treatment. Thanks to the generosity of partners and donors throughout Canada, the CRS has distributed over $355 million in research grants and scholarships since its creation.
Phoebe Rose Rocks Foundation:
Founded in 2016 in memory of Phoebe Rose Doull-Hoffman, the Phoebe Rose Rocks Foundation raises awareness and funds for childhood cancer research and in support of families travelling for treatment.  
The Phoebe Rose Rocks Foundation aims to foster positive change within the childhood cancer community. Their mission is to “make it okay” for kids with cancer and since 2016, they have directed over $600,000 towards research of hard to treat and cure childhood cancers and sent financial support to kids all across Canada and in the US.
Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada:
Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada is the only national charity offering information and support to patients affected by any kind of brain tumour – be it cancerous, non-malignant or metastases. The organization funds ground-breaking research across North America and, since 1982, has dedicated nearly $10 million to finding a cure and improving treatment for brain tumour survivors. Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada is funded solely through generous contributions from individuals, corporations, organizations, employee groups and special events.
The Miracle Marnie Foundation:
We desire to come alongside families, charities, hospitals/programs, and organizations so that we may enhance
the lives of those children who are currently in treatment, support the families of those who have or continue to
walk in treatment. We wish to accomplish these tangibles by aligning ourselves with many organizations
including local churches in Ottawa, Ontario, and around the world when children are diagnosed and families are
in need. We have a vision to bring awareness to the growing public health crisis of childhood cancer and to
advocate for change by meeting with Health Canada and Governments at all levels.
Childhood Cancer Canada:
Since 1987, Childhood Cancer Canada's mission has been to create victories for Canadian children with cancer through investment in national, collaborative, and lifesaving research, as well as empowering education, and community programs. The Foundation has been able to support more than 17,000 families throughout Canada whose children have been diagnosed with cancer with its programs including Empower Packs, Emergency Fund, Survivor Scholarships, and the Benevolent Fund. CCC is also the primary charitable funding partner of clinical trials and childhood cancer research for C17, comprised of leading pediatric oncologists and hematologists in Canada.
Tali’s Fund:
Tali’s Fund was established in 2008, in loving memory of Tal Esther Doron, who died at age 4 after a brave struggle with ATRT, a rare and aggressive embryonal brain tumour.  Tali’s Fund supports research targeting safe, effective treatments for children with rare brain cancers.  They also strive to collaborate globally to help promote awareness of research, resources, and treatments related to childhood brain cancers.  Tali’s Fund’s consistent support of ATRT research at SickKids Hospital over the last 14 years has led to landmark findings, as well as a global collaborative research effort with over 150 participating centres worldwide.  They also help support the Rare Brain Tumour Consortium, an international online registry with a wide network of physicians and scientists dedicated to making rare brain tumours in children a curable disease. The RBTC Registry has already enabled researchers to make ground-breaking advances in their knowledge about several types of rare brain tumours, including ATRT, Pineoblastoma, and ETMR.
For more information, please watch the video here or contact:
Sandi Hancox
Executive Director, Childhood Cancer Canada
[email protected]