Donate at: 12 Days of Giving

This holiday season, we are fundraising for newly diagnosed children. Over a 12 day period, we are providing an opportunity for donors to support the EmPower Pack program, sung to the tune of the popular holiday tune.

Areas of support include:

Twelve fun board games ($25)
Eleven sturdy backpacks ($50 each)
Ten comic books ($15 each)
Nine knitted hats ($15 each)
Eight water toys ($10 each)
Seven arts and craft kits ($25 each)
Six snuggly blankets ($30 each)
Five gold… ribbons ($5 each)
Four fiction books ($25 each)
Three teddy bears ($20 each)
Two sets of earphones ($20 each)
And a tablet with a strong case ($225)

To donate, please visit: 12 Days of Giving