During the month of September, we would like to honour the superheroes who have faced or are facing cancer to let them know that they are not alone, and to honour the children who are no longer with us, so their families know we have not forgotten.

Children with cancer are often called superheroes. It’s not a moniker they choose. They face unthinkable pain and difficulties during treatment and imagining them with superpowers somehow helps us, as adults, reconcile what we cannot change or fix. And we hope the imagery helps the kids facing cancer too. 

It’s why we created the #HeroPoseChallenge. Hands on hips, chest out, heads high. With this very simple pose, we can support and empower kids diagnosed with cancer and help them feel less alone.

The childhood cancer community is all too familiar with the statistics around childhood cancer, but we are sharing them below so you can include them in your posts:
  • Childhood cancer is the #1 cause of death by disease of Canadian children. 
  • About one in five children will not survive their diagnosis and the death rate increases beyond five years. 
  • Of those who do survive, 95% will live with a chronic health problem by the time they are 45 years old.
We know these children are more than just statistics. It’s why we must continue to share their stories.  To put a face to childhood cancer, to spread awareness about the importance of support for these families, and to shine a light on the need for more research funding.

Until kids no longer suffer through difficult and painful cancer treatments, we need to continue to support them as the superheroes they are and stand alongside them with our hands on our hips.

Can you help? Take the #HeroPoseChallenge with us. Post an image or video of yourself with your hands on your hips, chest out, and heads high using the campaign hashtag #HeroPoseChallenge during the month of September. Feel free to dress up, tag and challenge others, and tag us @childhoodcancercanada so we can share your pose. And if you share on Instagram stories, search for our new Giphy stickers by searching Childhood Cancer Canada. 

Let’s fill those newsfeeds with images of people superheroing for kids with cancer, and let them know that they aren't alone.