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Only 5% of Cancer Research
Funding Helps Kids

Even with only 5% of all cancer research funding devoted to childhood cancers, great strides have been made in the battle against childhood cancer. Forty years ago, survival rates were less than 60%. Today, over 82% of children survive.

Imagine what we could do with more research funding.

Only 5% of all cancer research funding is directed to childhood cancer research. Despite this, we have made great strides in increasing survival rates and making treatments less dangerous for young and growing bodies. With only 4% of cancer research funding, we’ve accomplished so much: forty years ago childhood cancer survival rates were less than 60%. Today, survival rates are now over 82%— imagine what we could do with more research funding?

A survivor of childhood cancer will live for 70 more years, on average.


What will you do to help the 10,000
children with cancer in Canada?

Need some inspiration? Check out some of our favourite fundraiser ideas:

  • Do something big for someone small. Raise funds & awareness, shave your head for childhood cancer.
    Shave Your Head for Clip2Cure
  • Have an upcoming birthday or life-event around the corner? In lieu of gifts ask your guests to donate to Childhood Cancer Canada instead.
    Celebrate an Important Event
  • Give the gift of hope to children with cancer this holiday season.
    Gifts of Hope Catalogue
  • 3-on-3 Basketball, hockey or board games— start a tournament and help kids with cancer while you have fun with friends.
    Organize A Charity Game
  • Start a fundraiser in honour of someone who has battled cancer in your life.
    Pay Tribute To A Hero
  • Dress down day, draws, contests, coffee parties— it’s a great teambuilding exercise for a great cause.
    Fundraise at Work

What’s your idea?

Learn more about childhood cancers and Childhood Cancer Canada Foundation

How much can you raise to help cure
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Our goal is to find a cure for every child diagnosed with cancer and to give survivors a better quality of life into adulthood. We fund cancer research targeted specifically at children’s cancers, research that has the greatest potential to improve outcomes across the country.