The Emergency Fund

The Emergency Fund is a financial program available to patients and families in Canada who have a child or adolescent with cancer that require financial assistance. For approved applicants, $250 is provided per family/patient as a one-time payment in the form of a Foundation cheque.
Who is Eligible?
Canadian families who have a child with cancer requiring financial assistance are eligible to access this program. 

To be eligible to receive funding, the child/patient must be:
  1. Diagnosed with cancer 
  2. Receiving care at a Canadian hospital (active treatment or follow-up / after-care)
  3. 18-years of age and under
How Do I Apply for Funding?
To apply for The Emergency Fund, please fill out the form below.  You will be asked to provide information to help process your application along with a short description about how the funds will help your family. 

What Happens Next?
All applications are evaluated on an individual basis by a committee established by Childhood Cancer Canada.  All  personal information remains protected and only pertinent information is confidentially shared with this committee.
We will contact your social worker, interlink nurse, nurse practitioner or oncologist that you have identified as the contact from your care team to confirm that you or your child meets the above criteria. The committee will review your application and will contact you as soon as a decision is made about your application.

Please apply using the form below. 

Social Worker or Interlink Nurse or Nurse Practitioner or Oncologist:

Child / Patient:

Please confirm that you or your child are in:

Parent, Legal Guardian or Caregiver:

Other Parent, Legal Guardian or Caregiver:


Contact Information:​



Please provide a brief description of how the funds will help your family:​

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