Breakaway Cycling Adventure

July 6 to September 6, 2020

BREAKAWAY is a solo cycling challenge that raises funds for children with cancer across Canada and supports programming like the new childhood cancer COVID-19 Emergency Fund.
We welcome experienced and leisure riders, supporters, and families from coast to coast. Anyone can participate and unite in this fun and worthwhile adventure.
Jump on the bike and ride with purpose this July and August!
The Goods:
9 weeks
3 categories (Challenge / Fun / Family)
9 challenges in each category
27 possible badges to achieve

How BREAKAWAY Cycling Adventure works

1. Register and get your SWAG pack sent right to your door.
2. Earn badges when you complete challenges! Pick challenges that match your experience level - Challenge Road / Fun Ave / Family Lane (or do all of them!) 
3. Invite friends and family to join you.
4. Fundraise online for the Foundation programs like the COVID-19 Emergency Fund and earn prizes.
5. Connect to #breakawaykidscancer on Instagram and tag @childhoodcancer and @beyondkidscancer.  You can also search Breakaway Cycling Adventure and join our club on Strava to earn weekly bragging rights!

It’s CHALLENGE Road for experienced roadies and mountain bikers!

Experienced riders can earn 9 possible Challenge Road badges:
Century Ride (45 points)
GPS Art (25 points)
Mileage Challenge (25 points)
Climb Challenge (25 points)
Loop de Loop (25 points)
Paparazzi Ride (25 points)
Bike Bingo (25 points)
Poker Hand (25 points)
Hardman Ride (35 points)
Visit Breakaway Cycling Adventure for a more detailed breakdown on each badge's task. 

The FUN Lane for leisure riders!

There are 9 possible badges for more leisurely riders:
Go the Distance (25 points)
Hill Love (25 points)
Ride with a View (25 points)
Support Local (25 points)
Ride Streak (35 points)
Puddle Jumper (25 points)
Switch it Up (25 points)
Personal Best (25 points)
Selfie Ride (25 points)
Visit Breakaway Cycling Adventure for a more detailed breakdown on each badge's task. 

Take FAMILY Avenue and involve your loved ones!

There is no need to own a bike to earn badges from Family Avenue:
Get the Scoop (25 points)
Costume Party (25 points)
Scavenger Hunt (25 points)
Obstacle Course (25 points)
#Beccatoldmeto (35 points)
Dance Party (25 points)
Chalk Art (25 points)
Go Outside (25 points)
Camp Out or In! (25 points)
Visit Breakaway Cycling Adventure for a more detailed breakdown on each badge's task. 

COVID-19 Emergency Fund

These are unprecedented times for many of us, but for those families already dealing with childhood cancer, its devastating. Our Foundation created the COVID-19 Emergency Fund for Canadian childhood cancer families in active treatment who have been financially impacted by the current crisis. The need is enormous and we need your help.

Other Foundation programing supported by this event includes: Empower Packs, provided to children who have been newly diagnosed with cancer; Survivor Scholarships, for childhood cancer survivors with post-secondary academic aspirations; and the Benevolent Fund, that provides financial assistance to help a family cover the costs of their child's funeral. 

We may not be together - but we can ride, have fun, and support kids with cancer.
We recommend solo rides or in very small groups. Please refer to your provincial regulations and guidelines for outdoor cycling.