Big Hairy Head Shaving Goals

As Childhood Cancer Canada continues to grow, we are in awe of the youth that steps up to the plate to raise awareness and funds for childhood cancer research and programming. A story about loss or adversity can inspire people to make a difference.
This November two women decided to contribute to the cause by shaving their heads to raise money for Childhood Cancer Canada and shared their journeys on social media.
Senna Ma from Toronto, Canada began her Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) in memory of her mother that passed from cancer in July 2017.
" When I reflect on my family's experience, I think the hardest part was learning to cope and help my mom. That's why I wanted to pick a charity that focused on education, community outreach and programs that would help children and families cope with cancer; and empower children to continue with their education after they've recovered," said Senna.
Senna's goal is to raise $10,000 and drastically transform her hair when she reaches her milestones. Currently, she has raised $8,630, has cut her hair shoulder length and dyed it yellow. She is 86% closer to her fundraising goal.


Another amazing childhood cancer advocate is Youtuber, Gillian Isabel, from Ottawa, Ontario. She was inspired to raise money for Childhood Cancer Canada by shaving her head on November 16th, 2018.
"In June, someone that I have known for a few years now, someone I really admire was diagnosed with cancer and has announced it was terminal. That was what really pushed me," said Gillian.
Gillian has been able to raise more than $3000 for the cause and has shaven her hair with the support of her family, friends and donors. She spoke about her decision on her Youtube page and vlogged about the day of her big chop.
It's amazing to see young people taking the time out of their schedules to focus on giving back in a big way. Please help both Senna and Gillian with achieving their goals by clicking on their fundraising pages.

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