The Benevolent Fund

There are many families for whom the financial burden of caring for their child with cancer has proven too much. Some families simply do not have the resources to provide for a burial for their child. Many families are also not able to benefit from any of Canada’s social assistance or support programs.

Childhood Cancer Canada’s Benevolent Fund steps in to help families in their time of need by assisting with the costs of the funeral service for their child.
Beginning in January 2022, Childhood Cancer Canada will increase support for bereaved families, funding up to $1,500 in expenses to the family’s funeral service provider for final arrangements and memorial services.
This increase was made possible because of a generous gift from Kindred Foundation, dedicated to funding programs, projects, and research in the areas of childhood cancer, youth mental and physical health, and community support.
The Benevolent Fund is also funded by TD Underwriters of Hope and the generosity of Foundation donors.

Application Process

All requests for support must be submitted by the child’s nurse or social worker. We are not able to accept applications directly from families or those acting on their behalf that are not part of the child’s medical team.

The application form below must be filled out in its entirety and submitted. Financial assistance of a benevolent nature is provided for families who are referred by their nurse or social worker.

We hope to reach even more families who need our help. Because of this, we appreciate the pre-selection done by health care providers to ensure that only requests for families in critical financial need are submitted.

The Standard Procedure

The completed application must be submitted using the form below or emailed to Childhood Cancer Canada by the child’s nurse or social worker. The application is not complete until an invoice from the funeral service provider is received. Invoices must be made out to the family; an invoice made out to Childhood Cancer Canada will not be accepted.

The Executive Director reviews the application ensuring the information meets the financial assistance requirements. The approved file is forwarded to accounting to issue payment.

Once a request for support has been approved, up to $1,500 will be paid towards the balance.  The Foundation will send the cheque to the funeral service provider and a sympathy card to the family.

Benevolent Fund

To refer a family for benevolent support, please read the form carefully and complete all questions in the application. Please submit or print the application form and scan and email to Childhood Cancer Canada along with a copy of the invoice from the funeral service provider. We will call you once the application has been approved.

Referral Information

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Family Information

Postal Code

Please read and accept the following statement.

It is to the best of my knowledge that the information provided in this application accurately represents the current financial situation of the family in need.